The Babel Fish are 4 blokes from Newcastle looking to play a variety of covers that go down well with a wide range of people/venues.
From responses so far, we’re doing something right.

The bottom line is that we have a laugh, make some noise, and we're half decent (having only practiced for 25 years ha ha)

So if you want some good honest live music with your pint, or ten, then come and see 'The Fish’ in action...or book us for your venue!

                                            ...please check out the site and listen to our live samples.

...some kind words from reviewers-landlords/lady's-audience:

“we had a great night when they played the new tavern, they would have still been playing now if the manager had his way, they couldn’t bring any of their following but it didn’t matter, the pub was still chocca, we will be seeing them later in the year for a 2nd helping.”

“Yeah was good stuff...Great mix of songs...highlight for me was the two U2 songs. Spot on sound and great vocals. Will definitely try and catch them again. “

“ were excellent, excellent set, really varied modern and some traditional rock stuff, but most importantly really well played. Will defo try to catch you lads again. my fav of the night ' I don’t like Mondays' not easy to pull off convincingly as you did without piano. Gig more!”

“in brief...
Very entertaining band that had a decent turn out and went down very well with the punters creating an excellent atmosphere that IMO they would bring to any venue, even without their own supporters boosting up the audience.
Some quite superb 3 part vocal harmonies and obviously decent musicians, the set might be a bit safe but it's delivered in such a quality manner that it's bound to gather them a dedicated following.
IMO a very good and solid act that I would recommend to any venue. Will def be back for more.
Any band that plays "Hey Jealousy" gets my vote”

“...very impressed...plenty of well known numbers...”

“Tight playing and three piece vocals were on show... quality of the sound was also nailed and made it very easy listening”.

“they don’t gig too often but if the above is your cuppa then they're well worth checking out. Recomended!”